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Beenleigh magistrates court

Here at Beenleigh Magistrates Court




Beenleigh Magistrates court is the funnest court in all the land. Here you can see the pinnacle of human evolution pass through on a daily basis. From the Boguns to the Bevins plus the Skanks and the Hoes – that’s just the judiciary. The clientelle here is a few centrelink payments down from that. Apparently this place calls itself a court of law. A Circus would be more accurate.

Try your luck here at Beenleigh Magistrates / Kangaroo / Circus /  STEP RIGHT UP.  One line for ladies – entrance on your left. Men’s entrance through the doggy door on your right. Hands and knees single file please.  Men repeat after me :          


I am wrong


When she cries

TO JAIL I GO..           and one more time !




Chance of losing the case if you're a White working man

Beenleigh Magistrates Court makes the law today.

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At Beenleigh Magistrates Court

At Beenleigh

Magistrates Court

Leave your logic and common sense at the door. Won’t be needing any of that. What matters here at Beenleigh Magistrates Court is womens feelings. The Magistrates who sit in judgement must be hardwired into the FESM (Female Emotion Simulator Module) in Canberra. It matters not how credible, logical or truthful a working man’s case is. Just appearing on the correct day is optional if you’re female.

Ladies can allege anything they like. When the respondant tries to present his case, Magistrate Kilmartin will refuse. Nope, sorry we can’t do this today, the lady who harassed you for months due to errors in her own ledger, then made a false statement to police that you harassed her, then forged documents to defraud you of $1400, then launched a civil claim for a further $400 – she hasn’t shown up. She hasn’t called, But don’t worry, we can just all come back next month. Hopefully she will come then.


Yes, I remember the last unrelated matter, when you were less than ten minutes late. I did throw out your case and award thousands in costs to the other team but that was different – do you have a vagina? I thought not. This is Australia, your time off work and effort to appear, the evidence you’ve prepared means nothing. Just remember vagina owner = victim. It’s going to cost you. Come back in a month.

NOTE : This actually happened see attached docs

Todays circus has magic disappearing witnesses

Today’s show

has magic




In Beenleigh Magistrates court the prosecution can say anything. It doesn’t matter whether their accusations have any link with reality. It doesn’t matter if they just make stuff up. If there’s an offence to be prosecuted, where finer details like evidence aren’t available, our brave lady prosecutors will use their imagination. 


Beenleigh Courthouse is a Circus

You’ll hear things like ‘we can’t be sure when we will be ready for trial there’s some 50 witnesses to organise.’ Or ‘ We’ve had the brief of evidence here for the defendant to collect waiting. We aren’t a delivery service’  Excellent, he’ll come and collect it, if they would just say where and when. ‘ Oh well, it’s not ummm here… I mean there, it could be later. I will find it and have an answer for you in a months time. ‘

The best part about this incident : it was some months before Igot jack of all the delays and it had been maybe 8 appearances since that funny one. So I paid for ALL the previous adjournment transcripts at Beenleigh and whaddya know? The exchange above did not appear in any of them. This is a calculated redaction of the written record. The important part is found, and omitted in a deliberate move by Auscript staff. Then delivered to the accused man so that the courts maintain the illusion of credibility. There is no other explanation.

There are no consequences for women lying at any time, in any place in Australia. Even women prosecutors,  who are employed only to tell the truth – won’t do so. Welcome to Beenleigh Magistrates Court. Where the prosecution can cook up any story on the day. The magistrate will accept anything without question and get in on the act when they have to. If either are caught out Auscript will remove that section like it never happened.

The accused man has no right to hear the accusations against him. They will conduct their dirty business in secret. This is Queensland. The law is what they decide on the day.

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Court Cases in Beenleigh are corrupt.

Expect these sorts of games If you’ve been charged with little or no evidence. It’s standard operating procedure here in Queensland. The prosecution will stall, lie,  and generally give you the run around as long as it takes for other police to put pressure on everyone around you. They will contact everybody you know, and some you don’t. They will imply everything but say nothing directly.

They will wait until someone you know is picked up for any minor offence. An alert will go out, the hero officers on your case will go in hard. Intimidate this otherwise good citizen into a statement they can use. When you consider the police budget is a billion $ annually, they have hundreds of personell as well as a vast intel network : They can and will do this to anyone. In my case it only took three years of waiting. They just picked someone who would say anything to get himself out of trouble.

“Look you’ll be here for months until we bring this to court. No you can’t call your mum or a lawyer, you watch too much TV. If you just sign here and here, and give us your old employer, you can leave here tonight. This will all just go away. No need to read it, just sign it. This is how it happened because we say so.’